First install of jasper

First of all fresh install of the jasper img provided by matt curry.

After you should make an apt-get ‘update upgrade’…. and your good to go make a tea break and maybe do some lundry lawl.
….still updating go prepare a snack and put one episode of your favorite serie 😉

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Commend list for MPLABx

This is a list of instructions usefull to program dspic.
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Basic understanding of assembly command MPLABx IDE

Intro to dsPIC register:

In this post i will cover some basic commands that you can use with your dsPIC.  First of all you need to understand the dspic RAM.  Continue reading


Your first program using MPLABx IDE

First 0f all

We will create a project from scratch.  To do that i will make a step by step guide.

  1.  File->New Project.  Choose ‘Standalone project’.  NXT
  2.  You need to select de device family : ’16-bit DSCs (dsPIC30)’ and the device : ‘dsPIC30F4013’.  Those depend of your chip model.  NXT Continue reading

MPLABx IDE what do you need to start

When my teacher asked me to use assembly language to make action out of my PIC, i first go to google to find out nobody never wrote real tutorial for it.  This is a beginner guide for novices.

First things you needs are the schematic and the manual for your dspic.  I use a dsPIC30F4013.
The Schematics are the same but the circuit is up to whatever board you have:
dspic30f3014_4013 Chip Schematic
Circuit DSPIC2

These are the refs and the programmers manual for my disPIC :
dspic30f Programmers manual
dsPIC30F Family Ref Manual

Make sure that you have installed the good version of mplabx and the compiler.  The main program is ‘mplabc30-v3_31-windows-installer’, the compiler is ASM30 (v3_31).

Now you are ready for your first program.



Hi everybody ! / Bonjour tout le monde !

You need to see this blog as a big brainstorm, my safekeep park.  A place where i can save my ideas, projects and sensitive information.  Do not hesitate to ask any questions about the howto you will try on my blog.

Il faut voir ce blog comme un pense bête géant.  Un endroit ou je pourrai entreposer mes projets ou des notions importantes.  Je vais principalement écrire en anglais, mais si vous avez besoin d’informations en français sur mes projets ou des questions sur les tutoriels n’hésitez pas a commenter.