Way to find clues inside a ctf box

we find a file that was created by the maker in the process of creation ie : flag.txt.

Flag.txt was created 22 august 2017

find / -type f -newermt 2017-08-20 ! -newermt 2017-08-24 -ls 2>/dev/null

We see all files that have changed between 20-08 and 24-08 (if needed we can change the range)

With that we can see interesting changes inside the boxes


A journey into Windows pentesting.

I did root many windows rig in the last week.  You can practice your skill too, just go to hackthebox.eu.  Here i will not tell you how specificity root those vulnerable windows os, i just want to keep some of the basics that i learned from this.

As expected the info gathering is the same nmap nikto dirb etc.

The windows command line, as i am used to unix bash this command line was like Korean to me.

Here are the basic commands that are useful : Continue reading