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You need to see this blog as a big brainstorm, my safekeep park.  A place where i can save my ideas, projects and sensitive information.  Do not hesitate to ask any questions about the howto you will try on my blog.

Il faut voir ce blog comme un pense bête géant.  Un endroit ou je pourrai entreposer mes projets ou des notions importantes.  Je vais principalement écrire en anglais, mais si vous avez besoin d’informations en français sur mes projets ou des questions sur les tutoriels n’hésitez pas a commenter.



A journey into Windows pentesting.

I did root many windows rig in the last week.  You can practice your skill too, just go to hackthebox.eu.  Here i will not tell you how specificity root those vulnerable windows os, i just want to keep some of the basics that i learned from this.

As expected the info gathering is the same nmap nikto dirb etc.

The windows command line, as i am used to unix bash this command line was like Korean to me.

Here are the basic commands that are useful : Continue reading